Thursday, November 04, 2010

Bruce Wayne reveals his identity in the comics!

He's been dead and back again, and now Bruce Wayne has made an announcement that will send shockwaves through the comic book world.

"Batman and Robin" #16, which went on sale Wednesday, ends with a press conference put on by Wayne, which DC Comics editor-in-chief Bon Harras called "a game-changer," not to mention "one of the top 10 moments of Batman's career."

Harras told CNN, "Bruce announces to the world that he’s been funding Batman all these years and he's taking this crime fighting globally."

In other words, this is the first time the names Bruce Wayne and Batman are synonymous in the DC universe (which is owned by Time Warner, the owner of CNN). It's just the latest twist in an epic story arc written by comics icon Grant Morrison. "He’s been taking Bruce on a journey," said Harras. "He wanted to change the way Bruce looks at the world."

Harras said that Bruce - whom he pointed out is a "master tactician" - will begin a worldwide search for others to fill the mantle... or mantles, rather, of the Bat. "He is changing his persona from that of a playboy to saying he is socially responsible," he explained. "He's saying, 'I have a goal, and part of that is funding Batman."

For well over a year now, Bruce's former sidekick Dick Grayson has been Batman in the pages of the comics, but now that Batman will be more than one person, not to mention a corporate entity (the title of the new series "Batman, Inc." says it all), how will people react?

"There will be ripple effects on cast members of the Batman storyline, not to mention for fellow heroes and villains," Harras said. "The heroes all know each other. There will be an impact, because what Bruce has done is a radical change."

You can read the full story on CNN

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