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Product Feature: BATMAN RETURNS: Limited Edition (2CD-SET)

Product Feature: BATMAN RETURNS: Limited Edition (2CD-SET)
Limited Edition of 3500 Units

About this CD: La-La Land’s Expanded Archival Collection returns to Gotham for this 2CD remastered and expanded presentation of Danny Elfman’s magnificent score to the 1992 Warner Bros. motion picture blockbuster BATMAN RETURNS, starring Michael Keaton, Michelle Pfeiffer and Danny DeVito, directed by Tim Burton. Composer Elfman (BATMAN, MARS ATTACKS, WANTED, ALICE IN WONDERLAND) revisits his iconic theme and expertly weaves it into a sumptuous musical experience, bringing to life the film’s breathtaking action and rich emotional and psychological underpinnings. Produced by Neil S. Bulk, Dan Goldwasser and MV Gerhard and mastered by James Nelson from Shawn Murphy’s first generation three-track digital mixes, this limited edition release features more than 30 minutes of previously unreleased music, including alternate cues. The in-depth, exclusive liner notes are by John Takis and the art direction is by David C. Fein. This release is limited to 3500 Units.
Our Take: Batman Returns remains one of the more controvertial of Burton's films and marks the end of the dark era of batman movies in the 1990s.  Burton's take featured everything from Batman setting villains aflame to the highly sexualized Catwoman and an almost complete lack of screen time for the film's hero.  The score to the film was done by none other than the great Danny Elfman.  Regardless of how you feel about Batman Returns, the music is phenomenal. 

Now, La La Land Records, the brilliant company behind the original '89 Batman score re-release and the remastered Batman: the Animated Series CD set are bringing us a new 2-CD set of Batman Returns with added songs and material!  This one is highly collectible at only 3,500 copies being produced.  It was fantastic to hear some songs that weren't on the original soundtrack release, there are no less than 10 of them!  Not to mention all of the extended version of other tracks.  You can see the deails on all of that below.

Legions of Gotham HIGHLY recommends this one for you or the bat-fan in your life!  It'd make a fine Xmas gift.  The CD set sounds as amazing as ever. 

We will be giving away a copy of this CD here on LOG, so watch for that!


Disc One: Total Time: 68:08
Birth of a Penguin/Main Title (5:38)
Penguin Spies* (1:09)
Shadow of Doom*/Clown Attack*/Introducing the Bat** (5:01)
Intro*/The Zoo**/The Lair (6:00)
Caught in the Act*/Uh-Oh Max* (1:58)
Kitty Party*/Selina Transforms** (5:30)
Penguin’s Grand Deed* (1:50)
The List Begins* (:45)
The Cemetery (2:56)
Catwoman Saves Joan*/The New Woman* (2:03)
Penguin’s Surprise (1:43)
Bad, Bad Dog**/Batman vs. Circus/Selina’s Shopping Spree** (5:42)
Cat Chase** (2:12)
Candidate Cobblepot* (:58)
The Plan*/Kidnapping* (2:32)
Sore Spots/Batman’s Closet* (3:22)
The Plot Unfolds* (1:15)
Roof Top Encounters** (4:49)
Batman’s Wild Ride** (4:19)
Fall From Grace** (4:17)
Revealed*/Party Crasher* (3:18)

Disc Two: Total Time: 71:27
Umbrella Source/The Children’s Hour/War** (7:53)
Final Confrontation**/Finale (9:15)
A Shadow of Doubt**/End Credits** (6:15)
Face to Face (4:18)
- performed by Siouxsie and the Banshees


The Zoo (alternate)** (1:00)
The List Begins (alternate)* (:45)
Cat Chase (alternate ending)** (2:13)
Roof Top Encounters (original)** (4:49)
Fall From Grace (alternate ending)** (4:17)
The Lair, Part I (:57)
The Lair, Part II (4:51)
Selina Transforms, Part I (1:12)
Selina Transforms, Part II (4:15)
Batman vs. The Circus (2:35)
Cat Suite (5:43)
A Shadow of Doubt (alternate)**/End Credits (alternate) (7:02)


Super Freak* (3:23)
- composed by Rick James and Alonzo Miller
* previously unreleased
** contains previously unreleased material

Album Total Running Time: 139:35

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