Friday, December 03, 2010

Product Spotlight: Dc Universe Pop! Heroes by Funko

Product Spotlight: Dc Universe Pop! Heroes by Funko

The Funko Pop Heroes are absolutely adorable.  These collectible vinyl figures are the newest bat-contributions from Funko.  The first wave is 6 Batman characters, while wave 2 will feature other Dc Heroes, such as Superman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman.  This wave is especially great for us bat-fans!  These guys are 3.75" high.  Their paint applications are wonderful and the display window in the box is great, because you can choose to leave them in and display them.  These retail for around $10 each and can also be found online.

This line has a sub-set of chase figures that are metallic re-decos of each of these 6 characters.  There were also SDCC exclusive versions and chase metallic re-decos of THOSE!  Wowza.  Its a lot of keep up with, but its so worth it.  Here are some pictures from the chase line-up...

The SCCC line-up was a black-deco Batgirl and a blue and gray deco Batman, along with chase.  There is even alternate packaging available....Check out a few pics of these from my personal collection...

As you can see, collecting these will keep a colletor busy, but its a great ride so far and a lot of fun.  Plus, these look great on the shelf!  LoG definately puts our stamp of approval on these guys!

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