Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The official scoop on the Batgirl CGI trailer!

Legions of Gotham has been bringing you the best in news, info and behind the scenes looks since we began back in 2003.  We've done some research into the Batgirl CGI trailer that aired during Batman: Brave and the Bold after much online fan speculation and we've found the truth!

Accoring to a long-time and reliable inside source of ours, deep inside the DC/WB system, this was CGI test footage for a proposed Dc Universe Animated Feature from years ago, but was shelved after the Wonder Woman Dc Animated Movie didn't do as well as they'd have liked.  The Brave and the Bold crew grabbed it for fun and thats why we get to see it!  Its quite a treat, really. 

This is in NO way a reflection of the 2012 CGI Batman show.  None.  The style for that show will also NOT be in the same Timm style as the Green Lantern CGI animated show.  The 2012 show is headed up by Teen Titans alum Glen Murakami.  More on that soon!

...and thats the scoop.  Case closed bat-fans!
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