Friday, October 07, 2011

Win A Copy of Batman: Arkham City The Album!

Legions of Gotham has teamed with WB to giveaway 3 copies of the Batman: Arkham City CD Album!  For your chance to win, just email your entry to us at @  Good luck!

1.         Mercenary - Panic! At The Disco
2.         Deranged - Coheed And Cambria
3.         Creature - The Duke Spirit
4.         Shadow On The Run - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
5.         Afterdark - Blaqk Audio
6.         Oh Stranger - Raveonettes
7.         The Years - Crosses
8.         Trophy Widow - The Damned Things
9.         Drown In You - Daughtry
10.         Losing You - The Boxer Rebellion
11.         Total Paranoia - Serj Tankian

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