Friday, July 20, 2012

Product Spotlight: Dark Knight Rises Reusable Sticker Book

The Dark Knight Rises: Reusable Sticker Book

About the Book: Batman is using his cool tools to save Gotham City from super-villains! Now you can share in Batman's adventures with this reusable sticker book. Create exciting scenes in Gotham with more than sixty reusable stickers!

Our Take: Man, I love sticker books.  You know what I love even more?  BATMAN sticker books!  This one has tons of full-color stickers, along with scenes and activities that are sure to entertain.  The $7 price point on this one is well worth it.  Its a very high-quality book with great imagery.  Any kid will love this and adult collectors will flock to add this to their collections!  I know I did.

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