Thursday, July 05, 2012

Win tickets to The Dark Knight Rises UK Premiere!

The Dark Knight trilogy dramatically comes to an end this summer and to mark the occasion, Toshiba has hidden 5 pairs of tickets to the London premiere, somewhere on the internet!

Toshiba UK are ecstatic to be the official technology partner to the Dark Knight Rises and we wanted to challenge fans to prove their passion for all things Dark Knight, by inviting them to hunt the tickets down.

Fans need to follow a trail of clues to discover a secret URL within a specific website. Once found, the URL then needs to be entered into the app on the Toshiba UK Facebook page

If correct, you have a chance of winning a place on the red carpet. If unsuccessful, you are locked out of the app for an hour and you're unable to try again until you're allowed back in.

Each pair of tickets is only live for 72 hours and the countdown has already begun…

To see the first clue, visit:
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