Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Batman: Dead End Director Auctions Original Batman Production Sketch

Batman fans will remember Sandy Collora's fantastic mini-epic Batman: Dead End.  Sandy is auctioning off a production sketch from Dead End to help a friend's child that has brain cancer.  Time to step-up Bat-Fans.
My friend and fellow diver's son Monty, is fighting for his life against brain cancer. He's 5 years old and I'm auctioning this original Batman sketch from "Batman Dead End", to raise funds for Monty, to get him an ipad and some other things that will bring him some happiness and put a smile on his little face. Bidding starts at 200 dollars. Highest bid by the end of the weekend wins, and the money will be sent directly to a Paypal account set up for the little guy.   To bid on the auction, check out Sandy's facebook page.
You can read more about Monty here;
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