Thursday, August 02, 2012

Product Spotlight: Batman Classic: Reptile Rampage Book

Batman Classic: Reptile Rampage Book

About the Book: A Gotham City hospital is being terrorized by Killer Croc, and it's up to Batman to save the day! Can the Caped Crusader clean the city sewers of this rotten reptile?

Our Take: Do you know what makes a terrible Batman book?  Trick such thing.  This one is a level 2 "I can Read" feature.  This one has a great Killer Croc story, easy to read for the kid in your life and it has the dynamic artwork to attract the adult collector.  The artwork was done by none other than Stephen E. Gordon!  You know Gordon..he was the man behind the X-Men Evolution cartoon designs and he developed the pitched, but never produced, Batman: Asylum cartoon.  His Batman work is fantastic and a treat to see more of!  We highly recommend this one.

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