Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Batfleck Is In Toronto - Leto's Joker Kills Jason Todd On Screen?!

Batman is in Toronto!  Ben Affleck is there...and the word around the playground is that the Batmobile is there with him!  According to Latino Review, he's there not only to film his Suicide Squad crossover scene(s), but also a flashback scene for Batman v Superman featuring Leto's Joker Killing Jason Todd!  If this is true, they are going to cover an astounding amount of classic comic book imagery in Batman v Superman..the kind of stuff that fanboy dreams are made of. 

The death of Jason Todd came in Batman #427 in 1988, as part of the Death in the Family story arc.  The shocking turn was voted on by comic book fans via telephone.  The then less popular Jason Todd Robin was narrowly voted to death.  The impact of these events gave us a much darker and more brooding Batman throughout the 1990s, as he blamed himself for Robin's untimely demise.

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